Introducing Maxwell Parker, P.I.

Maxwell Parker cover 3D

Yes, it’s really happening…

After much agony and painstaking patience (i.e., “wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, planning and dreaming”) my book, Maxwell Parker, P.I. is going to be published this summer…July 2014!

Yippee!! Hooray!! Woo-hoo!!

Okay, celebrations aside…

Maxwell Parker, P.I. is the first chapter of the Maxwell Parker Chronicles, which will ultimately be a series of books chronicling Maxwell Parker and her adventures in junior high (grades 7-9).

Chapter two, Maxwell Parker, Love Doctor, will be released in 2015. Look for the third (and final) chapter, Maxwell Parker, MVP in 2016.*

(Please stay tuned for further developments, i.e. release dates, launch events, etc. )


Maxwell Parker, P.I. is the story of what happens when an average twelve-year-old with a not-so-average interest in crime discovers some suspicious goings-on in her quiet suburban neighbor and decides to launch an unofficial investigation. Wackiness ensues because, let’s face it, that’s what wackiness does.

But Maxwell Parker, P.I. isn’t just a detective story. It’s a story about the ups and downs of friendship, the ins and outs of middle school politics, and finding the courage to be yourself even when that person is “about as popular as toenail fungus.”

I hope that you will welcome Maxwell Parker and her friends and neighbors into your hearts, although, if you take Maxwell’s view, some of them require 24/7 surveillance…so, you know, use your own judgment.

Best regards and happy reading,

Josie Lynn

*revised 11/21/2015
Watch the book trailer for Maxwell Parker, P.I.!

Maxwell Parker, P.I. is published by Stepping Stones for Kids, an imprint of FootePrint Press

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