Computer Literate Kitty

It’s the strangest thing. Whenever I open up my laptop and turn it on, my (cute and adorable…I secretly think she resembles Figaro from Pinocchio…but don’t tell her I said that!) cat Lily comes running over and sits on my lap. She basically then demands access to the computer.

I’ve tried to put myself in her shoes, to get inside her little brain, and I think I’ve figured her out. I think she must need to check her email, which she must have set up one day while I stepped away from the computer to get a glass of water. Or ice tea. Or a cup of coffee.

She probably receives regular correspondence from her feline friends, but since she doesn’t know the password to my computer, she has to wait until I’m logged in before she can use it. So she listens carefully. When she hears the computer powering on, that’s her cue.

Incidentally, the other verbal cue Lily listens for is the sound of the can opener on a can. In her world, that can mean only one thing: TUNA. She’ll come running to the kitchen from where ever in the house she happens to be…usually that’s sleeping on a chair in the living room (er, excuse me, sleeping on her chair in the living room).  Never mind that most of the time the can being opened is not tuna because in my house tuna-eating is not a thing we do with regular frequency. That doesn’t phase Lily one bit. The fact is, some of the time it is tuna, and  Lily is willing to play those odds.

The other day when I turned my laptop on and opened my browser, Lily ran over to the keyboard and begin typing:


I hit enter, and this is the screen that opened:

Lilly's search

I think she’s desperately trying to express herself! I’ve decided to allow Lily to sit from time to time as my guest blogger. Maybe this frustrated artist will finally have her say! Her posts will appear under the category “Kitty Literature.”

I certainly hope you’re ready to hear what’s on her mind.

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