Lily’s Favorite Books

I’m suffering from a slight case of writer’s block, so I defer to my computer literate and otherwise literate kitty, Lily, who will treat you to a list of her favorite books…drum roll, please!

1.  Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland – by Lewis Carroll12.1

I’ll bet you’re thinking I like this book because of the Cheshire Cat. Wrong! It’s Alice’s relationship with Dinah that sings to me. Everyone’s so over the moon about dog being man’s best friend. Well, this book proves that cat is a girl’s best friend.

2.  The Cat in the Hat – by Dr. Seuss

Let me begin by stating emphatically that chaos will not ensue if you open your door to a cat! That being said, this book is an enjoyable escape.

3.  The Fire Cat – by Esther Averill

That Pickles is a cool cat! I kind of had a huge crush on him when I was younger.

4.  It’s Like This, Cat – by Emily Neville

This was a favorite of mine for the few months I was a teenager. Man, I could really dig it!

5.  Jenny and the Cat Club (Originally Titled The Cat Club or the Life and Times of Jenny Linsky) – by Esther Averill

Jenny really appeals to me…she’s cute and shy, but plucky. Kind of like me!

6.  Millions of Cats – by Wanda Gag

This is a classic. I remember this being read to me when I was a kitten.

7. Mouse Soup – by Arnold Lobel

Delectable, tasteful tale of a succulent clever, little mouse.

8.  Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats – by T.S. Eliot

Mr. Eliot revealed some of our secrets, but I forgive him. He made our species a household name. Well, it already was, but you know what I mean…

9.  The Rescuers – by Margery Sharp

Yummy little story about Miss Bianca and Bernard. Although I do think the characterizations of cats are unnecessarily harsh.

10.  Stuart Little – by E.B. White

For some reason this book makes me think of snack-time!

11.  The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup and a Spool of Thread – by Kate DiCamillo

Delicious…I mean, a very engrossing book. Stimulating…intellectually, that is.

12.  The Tale of Tom Kitten – by Beatrix Potter

There are some benighted souls out there who believe Miss Potter only wrote books about rabbits and bunnies. While those books are tasty, this one’s a real treat.


Lily’s note: My list of favorite books is shorter than Josie’s, but I am also much shorter than Josie. And for the record, I HATE the Clifford books, so no books of that kind are on my list!

Josie’s note: Some of the above-listed titles may reflect a bias on the part of our feline blogger. From my perspective, there is nothing wrong with the Clifford books, except for the fact that they feature a DOG…and Lily isn‘t too fond of dogs (more on that later). Also, I am sorry to say that it appears that she tends to read the books about mice the way you or I might read a cookbook. I apologize for any statements that may offend dog or rodent lovers.

Credit for picture of Dinah:Alice finds the Red Queen/Sir John Tenniel/Wood-engraving by Dalziel/Illustration for the eleventh chapter of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass (1865)/

6 responses to “Lily’s Favorite Books

  1. HIGH – larious!!!! I laughed from start to finish! I’ve enjoyed becoming familiar with Lily’s point of view, and I’m looking forward to finding out more about her feline perspective.

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