Lily’s Favorite Movie Cats

Popcorn and Movie TicketsJosie, my owner/person/friend, has alerted you all to the fact that I am indeed a literary kitty. What you may not know is that I am also a movie buff. It’s true. I love movies. And it’s a good thing that Josie and I have the same taste in movies, because I haven’t figured out how to subliminally suggest movies for her to rent and/or watch.

She and I love making lists, and she left her computer on, presumably so I can contribute to the our blog…it’s been a long time…and I know you’ve missed me.

So, here’s a list of my most favorite and least favorite felines in film.

Drumroll, please.

  1. Cat—Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Most of you probably know that his name was simply Cat since poor, troubled, sad, confused, lost Holly refused to name him or claim him until the very end of the movie when she realized that she loved Paul and that it was okay to need people and to belong to them. Prior to that pivotal moment in the rain, she said, “I’m like cat here, a no-name slob. We belong to nobody, and nobody belongs to us.”

And kudos to the cat playing Cat, because he was willing to get soaking wet for art. And I tell you, he looked so miserable, you really felt his misery. Seriously, he deserved an Oscar.

I’ve always maintained that a cat is a girl’s best friend (a dog is a man’s best friend, yeah, yeah, whatever). Well, this next one proves my theory.

  1. Mel—While You Were Sleeping

Lucy, our heroine, loves her cat Mel. She lets him sit on the table and eat with her. She even shares his milk. Remember the scene where she dunks her cookie in his milk? That grossed out many of you humans, but it warmed many a feline heart. When Lucy describes her life to an unconscious Peter, she says, “…not like I’m complaining or anything, because I have a cat, I have an apartment, sole possession of the remote control.”

She lists having a cat right up there with sole possession of the remote. That’s major, people.

As a side note, there is another character in While You Were Sleeping—a cat named Fluffy. She, however, is a bit player, mainly used as a plot device (to get Lucy and Jack to the apartment at the same time so they can meet and fall in love). All we really know about Fluffy is that she lives in a high-rise apartment that is filled with white furniture. She’s the stereotypical, spoiled Persian cat.

These next two cats prove what those of us in the know have known all along: cats are a writer’s muse.

  1. Romeo—Romancing the Stone

When romance writer/hopeful romantic, Joan Wilder, finishes her novel, she celebrates with her cat, Romeo. Without him, we are to understand, she wouldn’t be what she is.

  1. Italics—Runaway Bride

Likewise, columnist, Ike Graham, relies on his cat, Italics, for inspiration. That is the main theme of the movie, in case you didn’t realize. That whole bit about him falling for Julia Roberts is just the subplot.

  1. Figaro—Pinocchio

Josie tells me I look like this cartoon cat. Maybe that’s why I like him so much.

  1. Mittens—Bolt

Josie also thinks this kitty looks like me. I suppose if I hadn’t found Josie, I’d have turned out like Mittens.

  1. Sassy—Homeward Bound

Another strong female lead, and by the way, a cat’s worse nightmare…being lost…out there.

  1. Oliver—Oliver & Company

Oliver is a plucky orphan and my mother’s heart goes out to him. Besides that, he’s adorable.

  1. Puss in Boots—Shrek 2

I have to admit, I love the accent. Okay, I have a slight, irrational crush on him. He’s a bit two-dimensional, but what man is perfect?

  1. Rufus—The Rescuers

He may have been a bit tattered and weather-beaten, but he had heart, and that’s all that really matters.

This was by no means meant to be an exhaustive list; just my particular favorites.

The following is a list of movie cats that I don’t like. Most should be self-explanatory, but in the interest of transparency, I’ve endeavored to provide a brief explanation for each one.

  1. Duchess—Babe 

This is taking the stereotype of the spoiled house cat to an uncomfortable level.

  1. Any of the cats in Cats & Dogs, but especially that little gray one

What’s not far-fetched about the movie: the idea that cats would be smart enough to mastermind an evil plot. What is far-fetched about the movie: that cats would be evil enough to do so. This movie was clearly written by someone (a dog) who has a beef against cats. Boo!

  1. Lucifer—Cinderella

The name alone is reason enough to dislike the character. But he’s just mean without cause.

  1. The two Siamese cats—Lady and the Tramp

Scary little monsters. They’re almost as creepy as Flotsam and Jetsam.

Well folks, that’s all I have for you today. My paws are tired from all of this typing. Look for me again soon.



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