My name is Josie Lynn and I am an indie author/indie publisher.

My debut novel for upper middle grade/young adult readers, Maxwell Parker, P.I. was published in September 2014. That was followed by the sequel, Maxwell Parker, Love Doctor in July 2016. I’ve published a book of short stories called Letters From the Land of LA, a collection, and my latest book for upper middle grade/young adult readers, I’m the Greatest Star, is due out any second.

On this blog I will be blogging about the books I write, about books I’m reading (and have read), and just about anything else, including a series of articles called Everything I Learned From Jane Austen (or The Jane Austen Treatment), and this year, I hope to finally get around to posting articles about my adventures in indie-publishing (Everything’s Coming Up Josie).

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.

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