I’m Josie Lynn and I am an indie author/indie publisher/blogger/bookworm/cat person/wannabe super sleuth.

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I write books for kids and adults and blog about all of that, plus a whole slew of other things. I love Jane Austen novels, cats (the animal and the musical), musicals, corgis (and other kinds of dogs, too), Indiana Jones, dinosaurs, horses, and being an indie author.

My debut novel for upper middle grade/young adult readers, Maxwell Parker, P.I. was published in September 2014. That was followed by the sequel, Maxwell Parker, Love Doctor in July 2016. I’ve published a book of short stories called Letters From the Land of LA, a collection (currently out of print), and a book for middle grade readers called I’m the Greatest Star.

I blog about the books I write, books I’m reading (and have read), and just about anything else, including a series of articles called Everything I Learned From Jane Austen (or The Jane Austen Treatment), and this year, I hope to finally get around to posting articles about my adventures in indie-publishing (Everything’s Coming Up Josie).

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.

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