All About Josie Lynn

Josie Lynn has always had her head in the clouds, at least, ever since she heard first those magical words: “Once upon a time…”

Trying to find a way to transition her ethereal sensibilities in a dollars-and-cents world hasn’t always been easy. When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Josie would answer dutifully, “A veterinarian,” knowing full-well all she really wanted to do was tell stories.

She wrote her first middle grade novel when she was seventeen, and she’s been writing ever since.

Although born and bred in Southern California, Josie has also lived in Northern California. She loves to travel but will always consider herself a Southern California girl at heart. She adores animals of all sorts (except roaches and other things that creep and crawl), wishes she had taken ice-skating lessons as a child, tends to be obsessive about musicals she loves (for example, Les Miz) and enjoys painting in her spare time.

She studied Literature in school and worked as an administrative assistant before landing a job as a script supervisor in TV Land. She likes nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea while it rains and pours outside (which, incidentally, it never does in Southern California ;-).

A Few More Details…

Josie Lynn learned to read because she loved stories and couldn’t always find a big person to read to her.

Once she started reading, she practically never stopped, thanks in part to the fact that when she was still quite young, her family’s only television set broke and her parents wisely chose not to replace it. Left with no outlet other than the public library, Josie Lynn turned to reading. Her love affair with books ran smoothly and uninterrupted for a good long time.

She loved stories so much, branching out into telling them seemed a natural progression.

One Final Note…

Josie Lynn feels that there are two things that contribute to her writing, shall we say, prowess: her over-active imagination and her innate nosiness (in elementary school, this was commonly known as a “staring problem”).  She remembers being told: “Josie Lynn, it isn’t polite to stare,” more than once, but it never cured or even curbed her bad habit. Anyway, she doesn’t call it staring, she calls it observing…it’s research…

Her over-active imagination keeps her from seeing things as they really are and allows her to see them as they could be. Possibilities is one of her favorite words. In her mind, little old ladies become homicidal maniacs and seventh graders become detectives…the possibilities are endless…

  • Fact: Josie Lynn is a bookworm
  • Opinion: Josie Lynn is kind of nosy!

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